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Founded on the belief that effective social change can be created at the grassroots, The Lenny Zakim Fund (LZF) identifies, supports, and connects small community based organizations operation "below the radar screen" of other foundations and government agencies. 

A single gift to LZF not only supports over 60 vetted organizations annually, but also provides the training and networking to strengthen leading and emerging grassroots agencies. 

Building community through experiential philanthropy, every donor has the opportunity to connect directly with the organizations and individuals LZF serves.

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Challenges, Issues, and Action

Mass Incarceration of Women: More Than Orange is the New Black

The issue of mass incarceration is frequently in the headlines, Michelle Alexander's best selling book, The New Jim Crow, brought focus to this problem and just this week it is featured in both the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books. While mass incarceration may primarily effect men, we need to ask how does mass incarceration uniquely effect women and their families?  The lives of incarcerated women have entered popular culture through Orange Is the New Black; but there is more than that to this story. This newsletter explores the incarceration of women, the rippling effect on their families, and what LZF grant recipient, Families for Justice as Healing, is doing to make a difference.

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Families for Justice as Healing works in the Boston area and across the country to draw attention to the issue of mass incarceration of women. 

Through rallies, legislative development, and family programs the organization is taking strides in focusing the national attention on this growing issue and creating a more authentic image of how mass incarceration effects families and communities alike.

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Families for Justice As Healing - Building Up People, Not Prisons