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Statement on the Mapping Project ‘There’s no equity’: Nonprofit leaders of color say Giving Tuesday exacerbates barriers Zakim Fund marks 25 years of funding positive change The Boston Globe: Grateful for our community organizations, coming together for change Boston Business Journal: Why We March: Eric Esteves of the Lenny Zakim Fund Boston Business Journal: 5 … Continued


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Judestock The LZF community came together for a wonderfully joyful night honoring the outstanding legacy of our treasured Executive Director, Jude Goldman, upon her retirement. Together we celebrated Jude and supported LZF with incredible music, delicious food, and the friends, colleagues, family, and community members who have given her and LZF gracious and loving support … Continued

Boston Marathon Team LZF

Boston Marathon Team LZF Fall 2020 “If you’re a runner for sport, pleasure, and fitness, the destination is not the most important part of your run. Team LZF runners know our destination has the means and ability to provide housing, food, and economic opportunity to all. Team LZF defines our destination as social justice – where people are … Continued