Lenny Zakim Fund Executive Director to Retire

Jude Goldman finishing 14-year tenure December 31

Contact: Semele Turro, Development Specialist, sturro@thelennyzakimfund.org 723-600-6675

(Boston, MA, March 25)  The Lenny Zakim Fund today announced the retirement of Executive Director Jude Goldman. Ms. Goldman will end her successful 14-year tenure on December 31, 2019.

Under Goldman’s leadership, the Lenny Zakim Fund (LZF) has transformed from a grant making organization into a dynamic change-maker for social justice philanthropy. While professionalizing and growing the Fund, Goldman created sustainable and far-reaching programs. She increased LZF’s internal capacity into a team of four committed women, while extending the organization’s goals and purview. LZF today operates as a mission-driven organization, providing skills training and building capacity for grassroots groups focused on social, racial, and economic justice.

Goldman also collaborated closely with leaders from 282 grassroots organizations and oversaw the allocation of over $7 million in grants to nonprofits in eastern Massachusetts.

Goldman’s commitment to social justice was inspired by two late civil rights heroes: her childhood mentor, W. Haywood Burns, and Lenny Zakim, LZF founder. “Lenny was certainly a visionary and, during the past 14 years, Jude has carried his dream and legacy to a whole new level,” said LZF Board Chair, Suzi Kaitz. “As a result of Jude’s fundraising skills and relationships, LZF has found a unique place among funders in the region. We have earned deep respect and widespread recognition for helping grassroots organizations build strong foundations for creating change in their communities.” Kaitz said “The future is in good hands. The board of directors has thoughtfully reviewed its mission, vision, values and strategic direction. We are working hard to ensure that we will have strong leadership in place to bring LZF into the future.”

A graduate of Emerson College, Goldman previously enjoyed a 24-year career in printing and publishing. Originally from Wakefield, MA, she is a longtime resident of Roslindale where she lives with her husband. When asked, “What’s next?” Goldman replied, “Advocating has been important to me since I was a little girl. I’m really looking forward to finding new and innovative ways to use my voice for advocacy and justice. This is more than a job, it’s a mission from my heart.” “

About The Lenny Zakim Fund

The Lenny Zakim Fund provides resources and training to grassroots community leaders and organizations that work to effectively address racial, social, and economic injustice in eastern Massachusetts. It nurtures grassroots organizations toward growth and sustainability by providing training, grants, coaching, legal assistance, and more, all at no cost. LZF resources are often inaccessible to small and emerging grassroots organizations and programs.

LZF knows grassroots leadership is integral to ensuring that projects are successful, culturally relevant, effective, and meet the needs of effected people. Social justice at The Lenny Zakim Fund is about more than just grantmaking – it’s about coming together in partnership to support leaders and the grassroots in their work against systemic oppression and their fight for equity.

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