Protect Our Neighbors

They are your neighbors, your local business owners, your co-workers, a parent you chat with at pick up – all of these people, and more, are TPS recipients in your community. TPS holders are legal immigrants who own homes, businesses, employ others, pay taxes, and have raised their families here for decades. 
LZF, in collaboration with Barr Foundation and the Hyams Foundation, presented local leaders: Dr. Geralde Gabeau of Immigrant Family Services Institute, Patricia Montes of Centro Presente, Jose Palma of Massachusetts TPS Committee, Pastor Saint Fleurissaint, and TPS organizer Jose Urias. Each shared with us the importance of protecting TPS recipients from deportation.
The LZF remains committed to supporting this fight and has currently invested $60,000 to support organizations doing this work.
The panel, moderated by Marcela Garcia, Editorial Writer of the Boston Globe highlighted the history of TPS, personal stories, and steps being taken to protect our neighbors with TPS.
Jose Urias, business owner, eloquently reminded us that he is not here to just fight for his rights to work, but all of his employees’ rights to work. 
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