Since the effects of the COVID-19 are still being felt to this day, we will open two additional rounds of this funding opportunity. LZF will provide 10 small, unrestricted emergency grants (up to $5,000) in July and August to both current and former grantees to help offset the impacts of the pandemic.
Round Six: July 22, 2022
Round Seven: August 19, 2022

COVID-19 Emergency Response & Recovery Fund

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For Nonprofits: How to Apply

The purpose of our COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery Fund is to provide unrestricted general operating support grants (up to $5,000) to our current and former grant recipients that have a need for additional funding in order to maintain staff, services, and programs. This is a time for the Lenny Zakim Fund to be there for our communities to help them respond, rebuild, recover, and restore hope. As we raise money for this fund, we will continually reach out to all our grant recipients to learn about their current needs and the long-term impact the pandemic could have on their organization and mission without additional support.


Current OR former LZF grant recipient

Maximum budget size of $500K

PRIORITIES: Examples of unexpected costs include the following activities, but are not limited to:

Safely reopening (e.g., vaccine equity, staffing, equipment, cleaning supplies, PPE, etc.)

Food insecurity

Mental health support services

Educational/youth programming (remote, hybrid, or in-person)


Round Six: July 22, 2022 

        Round Seven: August 19, 2022


Contact us at if you have questions.

For Donors

The Lenny Zakim Fund recognizes the dire situation grassroots communities in Massachusetts are in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the current public health emergency, the Fund launched our COVID-19 Emergency Response & Recovery Fund to help provide both immediate and long-term relief in the coming months to the nonprofit organizations we have traditionally supported to advance social, racial, and economic justice.

The community organizations the Lenny Zakim Fund supports tend to be “under the radar” of larger grantmakers and they count on the fact we see them and recognize the important role they play in their own communities. These same communities, and particularly communities of color, are suffering from the coronavirus at much higher rates than others and have lower vaccine access. Therefore, we want to be sure that not only can these community organizations survive the current moment, we want to support added need and recovery from this tragedy.

We recognize the strong desire and demand for individuals who want to give to a meaningful cause. Consider this funding opportunity as our way of providing a vehicle to channel your generosity to those on the frontlines in our own, local communities. While we will continue to count on you to support the work we do each and every day, we hope you’ll provide additional support now — at any level you can—to help these important community institutions survive. While The Lenny Zakim Fund deeply appreciates your generosity at this time, the organizations and communities we serve will be the true beneficiaries. On their behalf, we thank you for doing all you can to help alleviate the unexpected challenges they are currently facing.



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