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Small nonprofit organizations that meet critical needs in local communities often struggle to find funding. Even the best ideas crumble without a secure foundation. By supporting LZF, donors and volunteers not only help groups and individuals who are traditionally underserved or marginalized, they empower them to build strong partnerships and programs that dismantle inequity and nurture resilience.


Why Get Involved?

Bring gang-related young people off the streets to shoot films instead of guns.

Dream Out Loud Center

Offer KnowYour Rights workshops and English classes to new immigrants.

The Welcome Project

Ensure that young adults with visual or mobility challenges can take part in the sports they love.

Adaptive Sports NE

Provide LGBTQ middle schoolers and teens with a safe and supportive place to gather.

OUT MetroWest

Ask Our Supporters

We watched little boys and girls twirling through an auditorium, and high school students told us how Ballet Rox helped them plan for college. Their mothers, all from different countries, described how the subsidized fee for the dance lessons enabled them to work fewer hours and spend more time with their families. The impact of this program was more than I could have imagined.

Ellie Starr, LZF Board Member

I have volunteered with scores of organizations over many years, but there has been no more personally rewarding experience than my work with The Lenny Zakim Fund, providing vital resources and recognition to small grassroots organizations and helping them build the institutional capacity that strengthens them to carry on.

Charlayne Murrell-Smith, Former Board Member

As a site visitor, you can see the passion these people have – it is so infectious, you want to make them strong. I want to make sure that the money I give is carefully stewarded and used wisely. You can really see that there is meaningful efficiency and that gifts are being shepherded to make an impact in the community.

Michael Eckton, Volunteer

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Your gift gives back! Supporting LZF allows you to do more for the grassroots than provide financial support

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