Team LZF

Running for Social Justice

Every LZF marathon runner has run for a different reason: a daughter running in memory of her father (a Boston Marathon® runner himself), a mom proving she’s stronger than cancer, a law intern fighting discrimination in the workplace, a person running in memory of those lost in the 2013 bombing. But they all have one thing in common: the desire to run in the world’s most famous marathon, while raising money and awareness for a mission they truly believe in.

The Lenny Zakim Fund is once again thrilled to announce that John Hancock, the Boston Marathon’s principal sponsor, has awarded 2 bibs to LZF for the 2021 Boston Marathon – and we want you to join our team!

Apply to Run!

About the Team LZF & the Boston Marathon Program

There is only one Boston, only one Boston Marathon and only one Team LZF! The Lenny Zakim Fund is thrilled to announce that John Hancock, the Boston Marathon’s principal sponsor, has awarded 2 bibs to LZF for the 2021 Boston Marathon.

Who can apply?
  • We are accepting applications now for our two bibs.
  • You do not need to be qualified to run for The Lenny Zakim Fund.
  • Qualified runners who don’t have the bib who would like one and to get seeded.
  • Qualified runners who already have a number are also encouraged to run for the LZF; the minimum fundraising goal if you already have a bib is negotiable.
  • Selected runners commit to raise funds for The Lenny Zakim Fund.
  • Each runner pays for his/her own training costs (shoes, gear, etc.) and the $395 registration fee to the B.A.A.
How much money do I have to raise?
Each selected runner commits to raising a minimum of $10,000 for The Lenny Zakim Fund.
How do I raise funds for the LZF? Will I have help?
John Hancock and The Lenny Zakim Fund have teamed up to provide great supports for our runners. LZF’s staff is dedicated to supporting you in helping you to meet your fundraising goals. Here are some ways our runners have had success meeting their goals in the past:
  • Engage your network! Your friends, family, and colleagues already support your commitment to run, now ask them to support the mission you’re running for!
  • Find out if your company supports a charitable matching program. A lot of companies are proud to build an environment of giving and community, and will do this through matching their employees’ charitable donations or making a gift on behalf of an employee.
  • Get corporate sponsors! Sponsorship is a fast and easy way to get larger sums of money toward your fundraising goal.
  • Have a virtual or, as COVID safety protocols allow, in-person party! With our help, host an event, your own auction, or a raffle, and use the proceeds to fund your run!
  • Use LZF’s staff expertise – with our help you can craft meaningful messages and be confident in your outreach!
  • Each runner will have a donation page.
How do I apply?
  • Click this link to access the application.
  • Applications due on May 7th.
  • Selected runners will be notified mid-May.
For more information, contact Dominique at or 617-406-5945.


The Lenny Zakim Fund is proud to be an official Partner of John Hancock in the Marathon Nonprofit Program which allows us to send runners to the Boston Marathon.