Statement on the Mapping Project

It is indeed unfortunate, sickening, and maddening that bigots continue to spew hate and ignorance today. The Mapping Project’s unwarranted targeting of Jewish community organizations is unnecessary and an excessively slippery slope that falls prey to tired tropes and myths about Jewish conspiracy theories. It is one thing to make valid critiques, however this project crosses a line. The Lenny Zakim Fund shares in the frustration and anger felt by many at this latest example of antisemitism that adds to the steadily increasing frequency of hate-fueled attacks and crimes that have occurred in the past year. In fact, although we are not explicitly listed, we certainly could have been. With each passing day, the urgent need for dismantling systemic oppression becomes clearer and clearer. Our founder, Lenny Zakim, challenged us all to speak out and be outraged when ANY of us is under attack. This is an attack and we stand in solidarity against it. Today, The Lenny Zakim Fund remains committed to Lenny’s legacy and to the ideals of social, racial, and economic justice. Lenny dedicated his life to creating and providing people with resources and the tools needed to build bridges within and across communities. I encourage us all to continue to speak out and be outraged when such hateful rhetoric rears its ugly head.