Upcoming Events

2021 Grantee Partner Welcome Session

LZF will host a Welcome Session next Wednesday, March 3rd at 10 AM to bring all of the 2021 grantee partners together for some community-building, resource-sharing, and scheduling updates.

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2021 Grantee Partner Community-Building Sessions

We have scheduled seven “LZF Community-Building” sessions for our 2021 Grant Partners during March to begin more of the networking, collaboration, and connectedness, organized by each of our funding areas. See below for scheduling details and feel free to sign-up for one or more sessions based on interest and fit.

LZF Community-Building: Health Promotion and Accessibility for All
Monday, March 8, 1pm-2pm

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LZF Community-Building: LGBTQIA Community Support & Organizing
Friday, March 12, 10am-11am

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LZF Community-Building: Child and Youth Development & Education
Tuesday, March 16, 10am-11am

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LZF Community-Building: Organizing and Support for Immigrants & Refugees
Friday, March 19, 10am-11am

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LZF Community-Building: Access to Food, Housing and Economic Security
Tuesday, March 23, 10am-11am

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LZF Community-Building: Civil and Human Rights Advocacy and Support
Thursday, March 25, 10am-11am

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LZF Community-Building: Violence Prevention, Criminal Justice Reform & Family Outreach
Friday, March 26, 10am-11am

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Past Events

2021 Annual Awards Ceremony


Meet LZF’s 2021 grant partners and be inspired by the grassroots champions doing the important work needed to create meaningful positive change.

The program book includes details about tonight’s program, speaker & performer bios, a shout-out to our 2020 donors, and a comprehensive listing highlighting each of our 58 grant recipients for 2021.