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Annual Awards Ceremony

March 30, 2020

6pm -8:30pm
Cambridge Marriott
50 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Lenny Zakim Fund is proud to honor our grant recipients each year at a stellar event, celebrating their achievement and supporting their exciting potential. Each organization is recognized and welcomed as part of the LZF community. Local leaders share stories of challenge and success, community members provide entertainment.
By invitation only.

Boston Marathon Team LZF

April 20, 2020

“If you’re a runner for sport, pleasure, and fitness, the destination is not the most important part of your run. Team LZF runners know our destination has the means and ability to provide housing, food, and economic opportunity to all. Team LZF defines our destination as social justice – where people are empowered to make positive, meaningful change for themselves and their communities.

Your support of Team LZF will allow The Lenny Zakim Fund to continue to support and strengthen programs that are addressing important issues in our communities.”

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Thank You To Our Supporters For The Wonderful Events! 


The LZF community came together for a wonderfully joyful night honoring the outstanding legacy of our treasured Executive Director, Jude Goldman, upon her retirement.

Together we celebrated Jude and supported LZF with incredible music, delicious food, and the friends, colleagues, family, and community members who have given her and LZF gracious and loving support for 14 years.

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The Lenny Zakim Fund’s 2019 No Show Ball

The Board of Directors of The Lenny Zakim Fund
Thanks you for the honor of your absence
At this fabulous affair
On Saturday, December 7, 2019

Eighteenth Annual Lenny Zakim Fund No Show Ball

You can still be with us in spirit by making a contribution to
The Lenny Zakim Fund
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